October, 2019 Secondary Website Traffic

As the NFL is reaching its halfway point, CFB is closing in on bowl season, and arena sports are moving through their first quarter, we at Stage Front wanted to update you on the secondary traffic numbers for October. 

As a comparison, the October numbers are similar to September in traffic and page visits.  And we are continuing to see the high search and organic visit patterns.  For reference please visit additional posts on traffic numbers

Key Data Point:  “93% of all traffic to our top secondary sites was either direct or search.  Meaning display advertising, social and referring sites accounted for only 7% of traffic”

  • Total traffic and search percentages stayed relatively static for the 2nd month in a row
  • Page views stayed similar but are still down 33% from September 
  • Social Media averaged 1.25% of all traffic
  • Twitter and Instagram remained relatively meaningless referral numbers losing out to Reddit again