November, 2019 Secondary Website Traffic

With the NFL winding down we have seen a little dip in quite a few metrics as well as less investment into paid search from our top 8 sites.

We saw approximately 5,500,000 fewer website visitors and 32,000,000 fewer page visits. However, while the numbers look large in disparity, this represents only .3% fewer page visits per visitor. In conclusion, the traffic drop, which makes sense for November, is responsible for the page view drop as well.

For reference please visit additional posts on traffic numbers.

Key Data Point:  “Percentage of Search Traffic increased to 63% of total traffic or 4% of total traffic growth from October. However, paid dropped 11%, meaning sites invested less in search even though consumer were hitting the site through search at a decent increased clip”

  • Total traffic dropped by 5,500,000 visitors
  • While search traffic percentage increased, paid search traffic dropped 11%
  • While display advertising is typically small, StubHub drew 4.5% of its traffic from display advertising
  • TickPick was second to StubHub in page visits per visitor