January, 2020 Secondary Web Traffic

January, 2020 almost mirroed the previous month in traffic being up slightly.  However, page views were way down.  This was most likely due to searches for the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl driving traffic.  Some other interesting notes:

  • Viagogo saw their organic search traffic increase stay up from November at roughly 500%
  • The SEO equity from the StubHub purchase seems to be holding steady
  • LinkedIn has surpased Twitter as the #3 social referral behind YouTube and Facebook
  • Social Media referral traffic averaged out at less than 1% per site

For reference please visit additional posts on traffic numbers.

Key Data Point:  “93% of desktop traffic was direct or search.  Very little traffic from referral or display networks”


The numbers keep adding up to the same conclusion.  Online content works in a branding perspective but does not drive direct clicks.  Utlizing referral efforts for retail will have a negative long-term effect on ticket sales efforts.