February, 2020 Secondary Web Traffic

February 2020 saw traffic and page views come up slightly from January due to the Super Bowl, concerts, and top NBA teams picking up steam.  This lead to what looks like an increase in marketing efforts to drive to reach customers beyond search.  A few interesting notes:

  • Viagogo continues to keep its traffic numbers 3rd best behind Stubhub and Vivid Seats.
  • Two sites invested with heavy increases in display traffic while the others held steady month over month
  • Twitter continues to lose ground as a social referral source
  • A new affiliate site (not included in the numbers) drove over 1,3500,000 million visitors mostly through paid search

For reference, please visit additional posts on traffic numbers.

Key Data Point:  “Search and Direct traffic was still above 90% of the total visitors but down 2% due to increased display advertising from a few sites.”


The numbers keep adding up to the same conclusion. Online content works from a branding perspective but does not drive direct clicks. However, utilizing referral efforts for visitors results in a negative long-term effect on ticket sales efforts.