December, 2019 Secondary Web Traffic

As 2019 came to a close we saw some interesting trends in data as related to our Top 8 Secondary Website Partners. Overall, there were pretty static visit number for secondary sites with one exception:  Viagogo saw its visitors increase by over 100% month over month.  This accounted for basically all traffic increase.  While that makes sense because of the reported StubHub Acquisition, some numbers were still interesting:

  • Viagogo saw their organic search traffic increase by roughly 500%
  • While this can be attributed to the SEO equity in online PR / Articles they were still heavy in PPC (paid search)
  • Keeping heavy in PPPC combined with high organic search rankings drove customer trust
  • Typically, ranking high in SEO combined with PPP drives additional consumer trust and clicks

For reference please visit additional posts on traffic numbers.

Key Data Point:  “Search traffic increased again in month over month with roughly 68% of all desktop ticketing traffic coming from organic or paid search”

  • TickPick continues to rank second in page views per visitor behind Stubhub
  • Reddit bounced back by out performing Facebook and Twitter in  quite a few referral numbers
  • Overall referral numbers are still low, as is social referral traffic